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All our knitwear and accessories are delivered in their packaging, specifically designed to keep cashmere in all its glory. We have made these cardboard boxes in a breathable and natural material. The measures are 40 x 35 x 7 centimeters, so that the garment remains folded exactly as we want and without mistreatment. They are simple and bright, but very resistant to shocks and external agents: they will keep the item you bought for a long, long time.

We advise you to always put the garment in its box, even in summer, and keep it in a shaded and cool place: it will remain in perfect conditions.


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Is cashmere sustainable?

Is cashmere sustainable?

Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. There is a reason why cashmere has always been considered a luxury material. To create the sweater you saw in the shop window and is so comfortable now that you've worn it, you need a quantity of fiber produced by as many...

Women’s Cashmere Pullover with Braids

Women’s Cashmere Pullover with Braids

100% recycled cashmere pullover for women with front braids, Made in Italy, Due Toscani. It can also be made with braids on the front and back and also on the sleeves. A new Pullover from our new Basic 2023-2024 collection that you can order for your shop.


Hircus Filati, via B. Tettamanti, 19A 59100 Prato – Italy

 +39 366 1436 185


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