In the description of each model on our website you will find a tab of measurements such as the photo in the picture here.

As you can see there are the measurements on various parts of the mesh, the most important ones that interest you, whether you want to buy a mesh or a man, are:

- Chest A
- Chest length B
- Sleeve Length Above D
- Shoulder to Shoulder P
- Behind neck M

Take a shirt that you have in the closet and you know it's okay, put it on a table outlined as shown below and compare these measurements with those described in the jersey you want to buy.

These measures are the most important ones, which must match as much as possible, helping you choose the right size. Other measures may also be different, depending on the type of model, but these should be as precise as possible.

What may be more varied among these four is the "Dosso Length", in fact there are patterns that may be a bit longer, such as cardigans, and others a little shorter but it is still important to make sure that the size You want to buy is not too short.