A Tuscan family history of high-quality manufacture

Due Toscani is a small, crisp family business based in the textile district of Prato, Tuscany, established by two generations of knitwear specialists, over a span of 50 years.

We specialize in manufacturing and distributing high quality 100% cashmere knitwear, for which we use yarns from only the best Italian spinning manufacturers.

The owner is Federico Scatizzi, a brilliant entrepreneur that started working in the textile and clothing industry at fifteen-years-old as the traditional local figure of rag-merchant, later becoming an importer of precious yarns from Argentina and Australia, then gaining a ten year lerkship in the uncle’s knitwear factory before starting a business of his own.

100% cashmere, Made in Tuscany

Federico has been toll-manufacturing tailor made and detail-oriented products entirely Made in Italy ever since he created his own business. In 2016, based on the collection of his creative wife’s designs, he launched Due Toscani: literally, “Two Tuscans”, his own luxury brand.

Today, 100% pure cashmere yarns are supplied by only Italian high-level spinning mills, while prototypes are developed by internal pattern-makers in collaboration with the technical staff. All the production process is based in the Tuscan district.

Our unique top down knitwear

Due Toscani knitwear is realized with Shima integral electronic knitting machines, the cutting-edge technology available today on the market. This type of machines allows us to make our knitwear “top down”: we design and realize a part of our items with seamless sides, shoulders, and sleeves. This wonderful technique requires more testing of the designer’s maths skills, but no seams are needed to make up the garment and you will not feel them on you either: the pattern just smoothly flows along the sweater!

Personalization, flexibility and one-to-one customer care

Due Toscani provides buyers with a detailed showcase of the articles, accompanied by a size chart.
Customers have access to 24/7 assistance via email and telephone and to colours charts that are updated every two weeks.

We were born and have grown as a processing-to-order company, so we know that the key factor to a long-lasting partnership is to provide a personalized product and a fine customer care, regardless of the quantity we are asked for. We work with high-level shops and brands in Italy and abroad and, to this day, you can always count on our fast and accurate one-to-one service.