We specialize in manufacturing and distributing high quality knitwear; we use yarns from only the best Italian spinning manufacturers specialized in marketing high quality, detail-oriented products entirely made in Italy. Yarns are supplied by Hircus Filati, a small company (based in Prato) with 30 years experience in the trade of cashmere and precious yarns. They offer pure cashmere and cashmere blend yarns spun only by the best Italian manufactures, which we employ in our manufacturing process, established in two generations of knitwear specialists over a span of 50 years; we have developed an extraordinary experience in manufacturing and tailoring high quality knitwear for both men and women. Prototypes are developed by our pattern-makers in collaborations with our technical staff.

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Customer Service

You can always count on our customer service. Each article showcased on our website is accompanied by a size chart with measurements in cm. of the most important parts of the sweater or item so that you may compare to your own clothing measurements, to help you pick the perfect size for you.

Delivery to all world

Express shipments worldwide are ensured by our partner top international couriers. We guarantee assistance via email and by telephone. On our blog you can find suggestions on how to care for your cashmere clothing, to keep your knitwear always soft and make it last as long as possible. You will also find a lot of other interesting and useful information (on hand knitting and technical issues).

The highest quality of products

All the knitwear we produce is realized with electronic knitting machines Shima integral, the cutting-edge technology available today on the market. This type of machines allow us to make our knitwear “top down”, that is, we can realize our items with seamless sides, shoulders, sleeves and sometimes even the neck. Buy one of our products, if you’re not happy with it for any reason, will take it back and offer 100% refund.

Our team

Federico Scatizzi

Federico Scatizzi

Hello, I am Federico Scatizzi, for more than 30 years working in the textile and clothing industry and have chosen for you the finest quality of pure cashmere yarn and mixed cashmere yarn to make our collection.
Almudena Quintela

Almudena Quintela

Hello, I am Almudena Quintela, I have created for you the collection of men's and women's knitwears you see on this website, paying close attention to quality, fit and detail.


FEDERICO SCATIZZI For some years we have been working with high-level stores in Italy and abroad, and our customers are pleased with our services and the quality of our products.
ALMUDENA QUINTELA I personally care about the care of all our leaders and I can assure you that I leave nothing to chance. I want to thank you in advance for everything you will get on this website!